Jurassic Sculpture ‘Cliff Edge’ by Crispian Heath


Majestic Jurassic

L: 17cm x D: 13cm x H: 36cm
5 kg

Jurassic Sculpture ‘Cliff Edge’ by Crispian Heath

This jagged Jurassic sculpture has all the hallmarks of a prehistoric coast. The huge tectonic forces that warp and bend the rock strata, which can clearly be seen along the primordial coastline of Britain.

Crispian has captured the majestic beauty of that coastline and turned it into a fine glass sculpture that radiates colour and absorbs light wonderfully to show off the contours of the piece at their very best,

Jurassic Sculpture – Artist

Crispian Heath was born in Cuckfield, England, in 1958. His early career was dedicated to the mechanical industry, his main trade being in motorbike restoration until the mid-1980s. Crispian then went on to make a radical change to his life, his first job in the glass industry taking him to the USA and to Boston Glass Arts Studio. On return to the UK, he worked in Devon. He then went on to further his studies in kiln craft at the University of Sunderland. In 2009 he established his own practice.

Crispian’s work has been displayed over the decades in both the UK and abroad, his work having been exhibited in the Netherlands as well as the US. He has won awards from Craft and Design Magazine and has also published his own literature on Art Glass. His most recent publication, from 2016, is entitled “Art Glass Today”.

Crispian’s focus today is on a unique contemporary art glass sculpture. His work is inspired by landscapes and the rugged cliffs and geological sites of Britain. He shares an intense connection with the play of natural light and the elements of the land, all of his sculptures interacting with light, transparency, and refraction. His sculptures are all one-off pieces, his private collections being found in both the UK and USA.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 36 cm


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