Luxury Glass Sculpture ‘Man Rock’ by Josef Marek




L: 34cm x D: 17cm x H: 87cm
80 kg

Luxury Glass Sculpture ‘Man Rock’ by Josef Marek

Epic luxury glass sculpture by Czech artist Josef Marek, winner of the Meneghetti International Art Prize among many other accolades.

This statuesque glass sculpture is almost 1 metre tall and really makes its presence felt. Not only because of its alluring, sharp geometric lines but also because of the sheer glass mass and depth of colour.

Marek’s works have a sheer intensity that captivates and enthrals the viewer, enticing the eye to rove over every facet of this stupendous sculptural form.

Whether you are looking for an audacious centrepiece for your home or a piece of artwork to add gravitas to your commercial premises, then this is for you.

Luxury Glass Sculpture Artist

Josef Marek glass artist is a hugely talented glass sculptor from the Czech Republic.
His highly sought-after sculptural glasswork uses the natural grandeur of glass to imbue a natural feeling of depth in the glass mass.
The natural properties of glass help him play with the light that enters and emerges from the art to deliver interest and intrigue from all directions.
The clearly defined lines and vivid contrasts create mysterious imaginings of unreal inner worlds. Geometric shapes draw the mind and the eye deeper and deeper into the core of the works.
Driven by simplicity, clarity, and purity, his works are a panacea for the complexities of the modern world.
After studying at Alfred University, NY, USA, Josef returned to the Czech Republic to work at the renowned glassworks Crystalex, Nový Bor.
After a spell teaching art at SOÚ sklářské, Kamenický Šenov, Josef began designing glass as director of the art glass experimental studio, Umělecká řemesla, Prague.
From 1997 – 2000, he was a visiting professor at the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Japan, and has also lectured in the UK at Staffordshire University, the University of Sunderland, and the Contemporary Art Glass Society.
Glass exhibitions have taken Josef to Japan, Holland, the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, England, Italy and Spain.
His amazing glass art has won the New Glass Review competition on six separate occasions at the world-renowned Corning Glass in the USA.
In 1995, he was awarded the Daniel Swarowski Prize, and at Art Buzz 2008 in the USA, he was awarded second place.
In 2017, Josef Marek glass artist was awarded the Meneghetti International Art Prize in Italy and the International Fusion Artist Spotlight.

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 34 × 17 × 87 cm


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