Modern Glass Art ‘Where To Next? Pub/Beach/Town?’ by Jenny Ayrton



L: 13.5cm x D: 3.5cm x H: 13.5cm

Modern Glass Art ‘Where To Next/Pub/Beach/Town?’ by Jenny Ayrton

Jenny Ayrton’s modern glass art simply and beautifully captures a timeless and happy decision-making process.

Using wire and molten glass to create this stunning sculpture, Jenny Ayrton asks you to consider, what will you do next? Perhaps more importantly, what do you want to do next? How will you enjoy your free time? On this day, will you have more fun with your friends in a lovely pub? or do you prefer the feeling of the sand and sea by the beach? or meandering through town taking in the sights and maybe a little shopping?

Gaze upon the unique, and delightful scene created in this modern glass sculpture and allow your mind to drift away, immersing yourself in fond memories of the last time you went to the pub, or beach or town and the fun that you had, whilst not forgetting all the adventures that await! A truly evocative piece of modern glass art, and a definite conversation starter.

Modern Glass Art Artist

Jenny Ayrton takes her inspiration for her molten glass art sculptures from everyday life. She uses her extraordinary imagination to capture her thoughts and experiences in miniature wonderlands of molten glass.

Jenny’s molten glass sculptures are made from solid sand-cast glass with metal inclusions. Simple, everyday situations become molten glass masterpieces. Representations of everyday life with mind-blowing numbers of interpretations.

Jenny’s artistic flair takes its inspiration from her own day to day experiences living in Devon. No day out or short trip is complete for Jenny without capturing a “moment”. Each moment she then takes back to her studio with her, ready to turn it into a molten glass and wire masterpiece.

Jenny graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2012. In 2014 she was selected for the prestigious Hothouse 4 programme by the Crafts Council. She has won awards at London shows as well as being featured on the cover of Craft& Design magazine.

Dimensions 13.5 × 3.5 × 13.5 cm


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