Sand Cast Glass Sculptures ‘Under the Moon’ by Teresa Chlapowski


Moonlit Walk


L: 13cm x D: 8cm x H: 29cm
5 kg

Sand Cast Glass Sculptures ‘Under the Moon’ by Teresa Chlapowski

One of Teresa’s new collection of sumptuously coloured sand cast glass sculptures.

Entitled ‘Under the moon’ this piece is made from a unique one-off mould in sand.

Glass powders are mixed and sieved onto the bottom of the mould before 1100 Centigrade glass is poured in to form the first layer. Then the two copper-hewn figures are laid on top, then a layer of sieved copper carbonate is sprinkled on top before the next layer of molten glass is poured on top, causing an explosive reaction with the copper carbonate that infuses the glass with beautifully textured bubbling effect.

The piece is then placed in a kiln to quietly and slowly cool for 6 days before it can be taken out and the sand casing removed to reveal the final finished piece. Two people, walking through the woods in the moonlight.

The base is made from antique granite. The ‘moon’ has been polished to give a flatter profile.

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Sand Cast Glass Sculptures – Artist

Teresa Chlapowski Glass Artist. Teresa is a mixed media artist working with photography, digital art, glass-influenced cyanotype prints, and both sculptural and functional glass.

From her studio in Harrow, she uses sand casting and fusing glass techniques and combines her glass work, with painting, photography, and ceramics to full effect.

She uses photography to document her artistic journey and to uncover inspiration in the wooded, autumnal undergrowth, ancient sand drifts by pitted cliffs, or clouds reflected in puddles.

Teresa began her artistic journey with knitwear, and spent many years designing, before taking classes in ceramics, sculpture, and glass at the University of Hertfordshire over the course of many years.

Glass was the medium that grabbed hold of her soul, and she knew this was the medium through which she could best express her worldview. She fell in love with its mysterious alchemical properties; what was once a flowing hot river became a solid form that makes light dance to its tune.

Teresa’s figurative sculptural work provides glimmers and glints of the human form. A mystery wrapped inside an enigma, that is both intriguing and revealing at one and the same time.

Her fused glass panels are influenced by her time as a textile artist, with organised lines in a riotous kaleidoscope of colours.
Teresa has continued to evolve her practice and has taken master classes with Colin Reid and Max Jacquard.

She has sand cast glass at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham and now sand casts with Jon Lewis and Ewa Warzyniak at Parndon Mill, Harlow.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 29 cm


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