Venetian Glass Art ‘Capri’ by Afro Celotto


Resplendent Vessel

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L: 23cm x D: 23cm x H: 62cm

Venetian Glass Art ‘Capri’ by Afro Celotto

Venetian Glass Art ‘Supremo’ Afro Celotto brings us ‘Capri’. A gorgeous glass sculpture with a sensual teardrop shape – a full body that rises to an elongated, slim and delicate ‘mouth’.

Feast your eyes on the blue and amber colours punctuated with splashes of green a red in this sculpture and dream of Venice.

Make a statement in your home and place this stunning Venetian glass art somewhere it can be viewed and enjoyed every day. Bellissima!

Venetian Glass Artist

Afro Celotto was born in Burano island, Venice – a visually colourful place that inspired Afro’s artistic nature.

Afro began his apprenticeship with the legendary Glass Master Lino Tagliapietra at the tender age of 14 years old. He learned an enormous amount in the 12 years he worked as the first assistant to Lino at “Effetre International”. Since those early years, Afro has produced some of the world’s most beautiful art glass. Collectors recognize his technical ability and artistic expression.

After many years Afro moved to “La Murrina” as “First Master”. There he specialized in two of the oldest techniques: filigrana and murrine. Four years later, He returned to “Effetre International” to take the position of Head Glass Master.

For many years, Afro worked within the old tradition, where great glass masters executed the designs of others.  In 2000 Afro opened his studio and started creating brand new art pieces drawing from his inspiration and artistic style.

Afro’s splendid glass art is a combination of classical techniques and modern colourful shapes. He quickly became famous, and his work is highly sought after by private collectors and galleries from across the world.

He has collaborated with the great Pino Signoretto, famous master for sculptures in “heavy glass” and a member of the “Dale Chihuly Team”.

In 2010, Afro founded Art Glass Studio, in collaboration with Nicola Foccardi (CEO of Linea Murano Art). Afro continues to develop new designs, pushing the frontiers of shapes and colours to elevate his work to even greater heights.

Dimensions 23 × 23 × 62 cm


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