Decorative Glass Urn ‘Deco’ By American MemoryCraft


Urn of Nature
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Decorative Glass Urn ‘Deco’ By American MemoryCraft

Deco is a series of sublime urns.  Each decorative glass urn represents an element or environment of nature.  Molton glass is rolled onto glorious colours of frit, once harmonious the glass is shaped into the desired form.

Each decorative glass urn has an opaque white liner to prevent contents from being visible from the outside.

Deco, is available in various sizes according to requirements.  Please refer to the table below. For a more detailed glass cremation urn size guide to work out what size you need for human ashes please click on the link.

Size/Capacity (cubic inches) (litres) Dimensions (approximate) Weight
Full (220ci)   (3.610 litres) 20cm Diameter x 28cm Height 3.6kilos
Small (75ci)  ( 1.229litres) 15cm Diameter x 17.5cm Height 1.8Kilos
Pet (50ci)  (0.819 litres) 11.5cm Diameter x 14cm Height 1.4Kilos

NB:- Capacity is roughly 1 kilo of body weight equals 0.016 litre (1 cubic inch) of cremated remains.
* Please note the specifications are approximate due to the handmade nature of glasswork.

Decorative Glass Urn Artist

American MemoryCraft formed out of the increased demand for more colourful and unique urns to be designed.   It is a collective of professional master glassblowers who have been creating memorial vessels for decades as individuals.

In 2008, while discussing and researching the changing and increasing demand for glass urns.  The collective group decided to attend the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) National Convention in Las Vegas.  Presenting a broad range of glass from vessels to solid glass memorials.  Their urns were greatly received.  Attendees marvelled at the beauty of the glass urns.  A refreshing alternative to what was available at that time.  As a result, American MemoryCraft were inundated with orders from companies large and small.

By creating good relationships with those within the profession and families, American MemoryCraft expands as individuals.  Through sympathy and shared experience, empathy grows.  Using that empathy in a practical way.  They slowly use what they learn from people experiences and translate it into a practical application.  Resulting in an urn that resonates with the owner.

Based in Oregon, USA, American MemoryCraft currently consists of six master glassblowers.  Lee Wassink, Nathan Sheafor, Dennis Hoerauf, Jason Laret, Jason Laret and Steve Pechon.  Eli Beard is the Managing Member and Owner.

American MemoryCraft’s Urns has attracted custom from Germany, England and Australia.

Weight 2.5 kg
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