Artistic Glass Vases ‘Colour Theory Pods – Sunrise’ by Nicola Steel


Splendid Sunrise


2 kg

Artistic Glass Vases ‘Colour Theory Pods – Sunrise’ by Nicola Steel

Lustrous blue, red, orange and purple tones combine in these fabulous artistic glass vases by Nicola Steel. Inspired by the glorious shades of sunrise, these vases will instil a sense of wonder and peace every time you look at them.

Available in two sizes, each one can easily hold its own as a centrepiece on a table or shelf. Or increase the impact by placing them next to each other.

Perfect as decorative ornaments in their own right, they can function as vases too. The choice is yours!

Please note these are examples from the series and each vase will vary slightly from the image shown. Each one is made to order, signed by the artist and completely unique.

Artistic Glass Vases Artist

Nicola Steel has enjoyed working with hot glass for almost twelve years. Her fascination began at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she studied for a BA Hons in 3D design. Nicola continued on to the International Glass Center in Brierly Hill and then worked for Aaronson Noon Glass in London.

Opportunities to work in a variety of different glass studios as well as regularly working with other artists have proved invaluable. These fruitful experiences have greatly expanded her knowledge and technical abilities with glass. Nicola’s in-depth understanding of the material is evident by the expanding complexities and beauty of her pieces. However, not one to rest on her laurels, Nicola is aware of the need to keep expanding her horizons. She continues to learn and develop her skills all the time.

Nicola’s inspiration is quite simply the glass itself. She enjoys playing with the beautiful optical qualities, to create a sense of movement and sensuality. Colour theory is also a key feature. Working with primary and secondary colours, in contrast with black, she creates a playful yet elegant colour palette. Nicola’s arresting artworks draw the viewer in to see what is happening inside.

Weight 2 kg
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