Blown Studio Glass ‘Horse and Hunters’ by Michael Hunter


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D: 21.5cm x H: 29cm

Blown Studio Glass ‘Horse and Hunters’ by Michael Hunter

Part of the Lascaux cave painting series, Horses and Hunters is an engaging piece of blown studio glass.  Micheal used a technique developed in 1916 by Orrefors of Sweden.  Horses and hunters have been delicately carved upon sandblasted glass which is then reheated and encased with a thick layer of clear transparent glass.  By mouth blowing the piece is inflated to the desired size and shape.  An incalmo band sits at the month of the piece.

Blown studio glass such as Horse and Hunters has its own story to tell.

Blown Studio Glass Artist

With over 40 years working with glass Michael Hunter’s fascination with glass began as a young boy when he won a filigree marble, playing marbles at school.  In 1974, at 17 years of age, he began an apprenticeship at Wedgwood Glass in Kings Lynn.  It was here that his intrigue was cemented.  He wished to create, more complex glass similar to that seen in museums.  The master glassblowers with whom he worked were unable to tell him.

Conscious that the techniques of the 18th century were being lost to history.  Michael was determined to learn the techniques.  Numerous visits were made to the museum to take notes.  Working in his lunch breaks, Michael would test his latest theory on how the glass could be made.  After seven years of small successes and failures, he finally triumphed.  He had perfected the technique of embedding coloured glass canes and air into the stems of glassware.

After 11 years at Wedgewood, Michael left as a master glassblower and coloured animal maker.  He moved to Wales to become a trainee stem maker for Welsh Royal Crystal.  It was here that he fine-tuned his skills.   He had also started to work on the Venetian “vetro” technique, which has become his speciality.

Fulfilling his dream, in 1998 Michael set up, Twists Studio Glass with his wife Sue.   Using recycled 24% lead crystal. Which fits in with their recycle, reuse, remake policy.  At his studio, Micheal specialises in Venetian cane working techniques.

Michael has exhibited internationally, with work in both private and public collections across the world. He has demonstrated and given presentations across the UK, in Cologne, Germany as well as New Jersey, Chicago IL, Texas, Oklahoma, New England, Tacoma WA, Norfolk VA, Dearborn & Flint MI in the US.

Dimensions 21.5 × 29 cm


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