Colourful Murano Vases ‘Lisa’ by Gianluca Vidal



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Colourful Murano Vases ‘Lisa’ by Gianluca Vidal

Vidal displays his mastery in his colourful Murano vases and ‘Lisa’ is no exception! These gorgeous and colourful Murano vases boast an intricate type of filigree with spiral coloured threads.  The intricacy of design coupled with the variety of colours throughout is extraordinary.

Gianluca’s fine craftsmanship found within these colourful Murano vases is awe-inspiring.

‘Lisa’ will certainly open many minds to the details and work that goes into a true Murano vase.

NB The images shown are an example of the ones in the series. Each piece is handblown and therefore entirely unique and so the colour and pattern will vary slightly. Please allow at least 5-7 working days for delivery.

Colourful Murano Vases Artist

Gianluca Vidal started working with glass at the tender age of 14 at Studio Vetreria DP on Murano.  There he studied under the Glass Maestro, Imperio Rossi for two years.  He then went to Effetre International where he learned the most difficult techniques. There, under the guidance of the masters, Gianluca developed skills that would excel his true talent for glass making.

Over the years Gianluca has worked with some of the most important Glass Maestros on Murano. These include Afro Celotto, Silvano Molin, Luciano Pavanello, Giancarlo Tagiapietra and Dino Vio, to name but a few.  Gianluca earned the nickname ‘Crema’, due to his natural ability to gracefully shape glass as a cream!

Now, in his own studio on Murano, he works with coloured glass canes, to create his beautiful glass art.  He designs and hand makes every piece himself and with one assistant. Gianluca signs and dates each piece, adding “Murano” and 1/1 to signify they are completely unique.

Gianluca has mastered techniques that few glassblowers can complete and has a unique sense of colour and composition of the pattern. Suffice to say, he is an incredible and very unique glass artist. Certainly, he is one of the most well known and well-collected glass masters on Murano.

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