Glass Art Vase by Adam Jablonski


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Elegant Striking Jablonski Glass Vases

L: 29cm x D: 9cm x H: 45cm
4 kg

Glass Art Vase by Adam Jablonski

Glass Art Vase by Adam Jablonski is a real head-turner.

These are the last few glass vases personally made by Adam Jablonski before he retired.

Opulent and strong characters will have blue hues and darkened smokey contours.

Once these last three have sold this will be the end of the NEW Jablonski Art Glass Market.

Some people may have bought new and tucked away boxed pieces for some years to come to sell at a massive profit later on.

We are not keeping any Jablonski stock back and will be selling every last one of our Jablonski glass vases to you.

Boha Glass bought up the very last pieces of New Jablonski items and all our stock is online.

The art glass vases and other pieces around our home are staying here and will not be sold!

We hope you enjoy Jablonski as much as we do and take this opportunity to buy one of the last ever NEW pieces made by this world-famous glass artist.

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Glass Vases UK

Boha Glass’s Jablonski Glass Vases UK stock is the largest in not just the UK but the largest stock of Jablonski Glass Vases in Europe.

Glass Art Vase Artist

Adam Jablonski was given the honour of having his work exhibited by the Corning Museum of Glass and was the first former Eastern Bloc Glass artist to have his work exhibited in this prestigious museum. This is what he was most proud of during his long and illustrious career.

His work was given to visiting dignitaries, Presidents and Kings by the Polish President to exemplify the great glasswork that Poland produced and Jablonski’s Glass can be found in many esteemed glass collections around the world.

He has been awarded 12 gold stars by the Polish President over the years for his contribution to Polish Art Glass.

His influence has helped put Poland in the International Map for Art Glass and they now produce some of the World’s most high-quality glass crystal.

The glass vases and other items handmade by Jablonski are all personally signed by him.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 9 × 45 cm


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