Green Glass Vase ‘Fortuna’ by Jablonski Glass Studio Artist


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Chalice Glass Vase

L: 9cm x D: 9cm x H: 38cm
2.5 kg

Green Glass Vase ‘Fortuna’ by Jablonski Glass Studio Artist

This Fortuna Blue and Green glass vase is now the only one left. They have all the hallmarks of a chalice and will add opulence to even the grandest of rooms. Hand blown and hewn from solid Lead Crystal, they are magnificent specimens and would make a stunning pair or can be purchased separately.

The pure crystal base of the glass vases has a gorgeous sapphire blue core and the top is a deep emerald green colour. The pieces have real weight to them, each one a sturdy 2.5 kilos in weight and the sizeable nature of them helps give that ‘high-status’ feel. An elegant and robust green glass vase with an elitist Belle Epoque style.

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Green Glass Vase Artist

If you pay a visit to a museum or gallery that has a fine collection of glass art among its exhibits, you will be sure to run across at least one piece created by Adam Jablonski. That is because the Polish-born artist has become synonymous with stunning beauty in the medium of glass art. Getting to that level was not something that came by accident, as he was responsible for creating a number of patented techniques that allowed his art to be the cream that rose to the top. While his work has been recognised the world over, it is at home where he is truly beloved. Polish presidents have awarded Jablonski with no less than 12 gold stars, which is a sure sign that the pieces he created were loved at the highest level.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 38 cm


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