Pink Vase “Fused Gold and Pink Vase’ by Curtis Dionne


Luscious Pink Vase


D: 14cm x H: 40cm
2.8 kg

Pink Vase ‘Fused Gold and Pink Vase’ by Curtis Dionne

Curtis Dionne has created a beautiful pink vase. Gold and pink have been fused together over alabaster, a soft mineral, with a delicate pinch of tobacco fern and ivory cane to present this unique vase.
This wood-fired blown glass vase by Curtis Dionne is a sheer delight.  The gentle movement of colour through this gorgeous vase appears as wafts of smoke moving up through the body to the neck. A delightful piece to admire.

Pink Vase Artist

Curtis Dionne ‘s interest in glassblowing ignited at the age of  15,  while looking over pictures and work of a famous glassblower.  It was then his heart became fixed upon glassblowing as a career.  However his father ensured that Curtis stayed in school till he was 20.  It was only then that he could realise his dream.

Displaying a natural talent for glassblowing, Curtis accepted an apprenticeship at the Arte Vargas studio in Maple Ridge, British Colombia.  Where he spent four years under the instruction of Maestro Daniel Vargas.

In 2008, Curtis moved to New Horton, NB, where he set up his own studio, ‘Glass Roots’.  With his own concerns for the environment and having an engineering mind, Curtis designed a wood-fuelled glassblowing furnace.  It took five years of research and experimenting to develop the furnace he uses today.

Cutis, now settled in Atlantic Canada, makes traditional blown glass in his wood-fired furnace.  This alone makes the blown glass unique to North America.  All pieces are hand formed.  Curtis never uses moulds to shape the glass.  Cold work is kept to a minimum, only for stability once a piece is out of the kiln.

Curtis Dionne and the Glass Roots team use locally sourced materials and alternative carbon-neutral fuel. This enables them to efficiently carry on the tradition of glass blowing for their families and their province in the most Eco-friendly, sustainable way

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 14 × 40 cm


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