Striped Vessel ‘Divergent’ by Helen Restorick


Striped Sensation

L: 12cm x D: 12cm x H: 11cm

Striped Vessel ‘Divergent’ by Helen Restorick

Helen Restorick’s striped vessel ‘Divergent’ boasts a wonderful organic shape and elegant stripes. The purple colour blends beautifully into the orange. Helen creates this effect by using layers of contrasting powdered glass. This is then manipulated in the kiln by heat and gravity to make a vessel form.  A slanted and polished rim finishes the piece perfectly.   

Choose this lovely dual colour striped vessel orange, to elevate the decor in any room in your home.  It will make a delightful centrepiece on a mantelpiece, shelf or side table.

Striped Vessel Artist

Helen Restorick is a kiln-formed glass artist based in Surrey. Originally, she enjoyed a successful career in medicine before switching lanes to explore her creative side as a glass artist. Inevitably, her medical career influences and helps to inform her glass artistry. 

 Helen’s artworks reflect a creative yet ordered scientific approach throughout. For instance, Helen is particularly interested and excited by geometric design and ordered patterns, which often have a biological theme. Her carefully constructed and precise work also portrays a sense of fluidity and movement. She captures these concepts beautifully in dynamic kiln formed glass vessels and cast pieces. 

Helen continues to learn and develop her skills. Most recently, she furthered her work by completing the Advanced Practice Course at Richmond Art School in 2021.

Current work examines how linear patterns within the glass are altered using heat and gravity to study glass flow. A scientific mindset has led to experiments with a variety of variables. Consequently, pattern formation is dramatically changed and harnessed in a variety of ways. This has led to the beautiful kiln formed glass artwork, such as this dual coloured striped vessel,  that we see today. 

Artist’s Statement

“ My aim is to form new designs which will engage and arrest the viewer ”.

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 11 cm


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