Two Tone Vase by Jane Charles


Mystical Glass Vase

L: 14cm x D: 14cm x H: 36cm
2 kg

Two Tone Vase by Jane Charles

This lively, two tone vase by Jane Charles is tall, dark, and mystical. Imagine taking a dive into the deep blue sea, the colours and shades darkening with your descent. Rich blue water surrounds you, the metallic spots and citrus bands providing you with a magnificent representation of the reflections of the seabed that lies ahead. A truly inspirational piece, this two tone vase is perfect for lovers of nature and the sea stands at an impressive 36cm tall.

Sandblasted to provide a perfect finish, the two tone vase will bring an air of mystery into your home. Standing at over a foot tall, it makes the perfect centrepiece for any room. Jane’s passion for the sea and its forms and colours are nowhere better represented than in this art glass form. Showing her ongoing evolution of glass art, the vase shows the inner demeanour of an artist whose passion for molten glass shows no bounds. A powerful explosion of colour that brings together the elements of sea and land in perfect harmony, this piece is truly awe-inspiring.

Two Tone Vase Artist

Jane Charles’ journey to becoming a renowned UK glass artist began in North Staffordshire in 1980. Originally studying for her BA (Hons) Degree in Art and Design and Ceramics, Jane discovered she was lured by the heat and noise of the glass studio next door. Although ceramics occupied her mind, it was molten glass that captured her heart. Here began a battle of wills; heart versus mind. Frustrated by the timescale of the ceramics process, Jane’s love affair with molten glass was born as she followed her heart into the glass studio in North Staffordshire.

Glass as a medium provided Jane with the energy that ceramics lacked. She became eager to learn, her creativity with molten glass flaring in a way that was impossible with ceramics. On finishing her degree, Jane continued to follow her heart, and to the heart of the British glass industry in Dudley, near Stourbridge. Jane embarked on a journey. A journey that would provide her with all the skills she needed to open her very own studio. Upon finishing a course in glass making in 1984, Jane went on to work for various studios around the UK until she felt ready to go it alone. In 1987, Jane Charles Studio Glass was born.

Jane Charles Studio Glass was opened in Edinburgh, her business being transferred to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1990. Working from a hired studio, Jane became self-sufficient when she installed her own furnace in 1996. Her studio was relocated in February 2011 due to the demolition of the Whitehouse Enterprise Centre, her current studio being located on the Newburn Haugh Industrial Estate. In April of the same year, Jane Charles Studio Glass opened its first gallery in the heart of Newcastle. Jane’s work can also be found on display in many towns and galleries across the UK. This two tone vase is just one of many bold and bright masterpieces to come out of furnace of Jane Charles Studio Glass.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 36 cm


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