Blue Vessels ‘Old Ice I’ by Roberta Mason


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An oceanic odyssey in glass

L: 15cm x D: 15cm x H: 25cm
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Blue Vessels ‘Old Ice I‘ by Roberta Mason

Old Ice is part of a series of three, free-blown blue vessels, evoking the devastation that climate change is wreaking on the timeless ice giants of Greenland and around the poles. The vessel combines swirls of white and deep oceanic blue.

The last vestiges of Old Ice are crashing daily back into the oceans from whence they came and Roberta has free-blown these energetic blue vessels to represent the core of these ice mountains.

They evoke a mix of the world, timeless ice that is caught up in our human-made climate catastrophe and the beauty of the deep sea and the remote coldness of our planet.

Roberta’s unique relationship with water and glass ensures that each and every one of her pieces has a tale to tell. Old Ice tells a story with depth and understanding, one that represents the climatic turmoil of life and its need to be represented in stunning art glass.

Artist Statement

It’s been such a strange year of change, isolation and separation, so in the midst of this new, temporary normal, I found myself thinking about the state of the world, the sometimes miraculous healing of wild places as we withdrew and the beauty of nature. I have been inspired by the conservation messaging of ‘we care for the things we love’ and the people who work tirelessly and passionately to show us why we should care.  The first of my two new collections for 2020, Old Ice is inspired by the beautiful and evocative aerial images of Greenland by the artist and advocate, Roger Fishman. I was moved to make this work when I saw his images and researched the accelerating loss of ice mass due to climate change, which is now exposing ice from the last ice age. The beautiful colours, forms and patterns seem to belie the reality.

I have used forms based on water vessels as a conduit for the imagery, as we often seem to use the earth and her oceans as a commodity…let’s change that…

“Every day is a new opportunity to begin again” HH the Dalai Lama & AB Desmond Tutu

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Blue Vessels Artist

Roberta Mason is the hugely talented artist behind these blue vessels and a burgeoning talent within her field. Her work is strongly influenced by water, her kiln forming and hot glass techniques creating masterpieces that explore perspectives, as well as our relationship with the environment.

Roberta’s first exhibition was in 2010, and her latest works are on display at the Glass Pyramid Gallery in York. By attending Master Classes in glass, Roberta is constantly expanding her knowledge, as well as strengthening and perfecting her techniques. An artist with unstoppable energy, Roberta was highly commended in 2015 by the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers. In 2016, she won a scholarship to attend her Master Classes with Dr Gerry King.

Roberta’s relationship with glass and water could best be described as a passionate love affair. By understanding the properties of glass, its opacity, and transparency, Roberta creates works of art that contain depth and inner narratives. Taking her inspiration from Aristotle and his quote “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance,” Roberta is an artist, who is constantly evolving, her latest interest being in 3D Design.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm


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