Peach Glass Art Vessel ‘Precious Vessel’ by Cathryn Shilling


Peachy Perfection

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

L: 14cm x H: 18.5cm

Peach Glass Art Vessel ‘Precious Vessel’ by Cathryn Shilling

Cathryn Shilling’s ‘Precious Vessel’ collection features a range of jewel-toned pieces, including this unique peach glass art vessel.  Hand blown and polished to perfection, this glorious peach number will elevate your home decor.

This glass art vessel will make a great centrepiece in any room and will benefit from a light background and good lighting to allow the viewer to fully appreciate its beauty and colour.  A perfect choice for those who love interior design and colourful glass art.

N.B.  The peach glass art vessel is seen on the far right of the picture.

Peach Glass Art Vessel Artist

Cathryn Shilling is internationally renowned for her glass art. She currently lives and works in London, having returned from the USA in 2004. Upon her graduation from the Central School of Art and Design in London, Cathryn worked as a designer until her family relocated to America in 2001. Whilst in the US, she studied Stained Glass in Connecticut. This prompted her to study kiln-formed glass when she returned to her roots, working alongside other glass artists. In 2010 Cathryn began to work in The Gallery, London, as Exhibition Coordinator and Curator, alongside world-renowned Peter Layton.

Cathryn’s Kiln art glass has been exhibited internationally. Her work has been seen in all corners of the globe, from the Netherlands to Mexico, to Japan and Denmark. Her most recent exhibition in 2017 where she collaborated with Anthony Scala at the British Glass Biennale led her to win the Craft and Design Award. Cathryn’s work has also led to her winning the number 25 spot of Most Amazing Glass Artists Alive Today. In 2013 she won the Warm Glass Artists Prize and has also been twice nominated for the SUWA Garasuno-Sato Glass Prize. From her London Studio, Cathryn is incredibly proud to present ‘Precious Vessels’

Dimensions 14 × 18.5 cm


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