Blue Glass Wall Art ‘Into The Blue’ Stephanie Else


True Blue


L: 15cm x D: 3cm x H: 60cm
5 kg

Blue Glass Wall Art ‘Into The Blue’ Stephanie Else

Deepest blue glass wall art that takes you up into the twilight sky and down into the depths of the ocean.

Roayl blue meets sky blue in this textured piece of glass art.

Stephanie has created a piece that changes its reflective qualities throughout the day.

Painstakingly made, using multiple kiln firings, the panel truly is a labour of love.

The piece is mirror-backed to increase the reflective shimmering effect.

Every glass panel comes ready to hang on your wall.

The artist has signed every unique piece by hand in gold.

Blue Glass Wall Art – Artist

Stephanie Else Glass Artist, an award-winning artisan based in Brighton, uses a range of kiln-forming techniques to produce colourful, exquisite works of glass art.

She blends surface texture, pattern, and colour to produce strikingly tactile pieces intended to change with the light throughout the day.

Stephanie Else Glass artist draws inspiration from the constantly shifting components of nature.

Stephanie’s journey with glass as a self-taught artist has been fascinating and also difficult. She enjoys the challenges of working with glass and is attracted by its mystery because she can never be sure how a piece will turn out when it is finished.

Stephanie uses solid and sophisticated designs with vibrant colour and texture in her works, giving them a distinctively sculpted feel. Her unique style, for which she has received numerous nominations, is well-known in the world of contemporary glass art.

Winner of the 2020 London Art Award
Finalist for the 2020 Creates Emerging Artist Award
2019 Stone International Art Prize winner
2018 London Contemporary Art Award finalist

In addition to having her work shown both domestically and internationally, Stephanie has also completed a large number of interior design projects and commissioned works.

Working on commission and collaborating with customers to design and create their own unique, bespoke pieces of exquisite handmade glass are two things she truly appreciates.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 60 cm


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