Butterfly Paper Art ‘Find Your Wings & Fly Away – Coastal Light’ by Amanda Deadman Art


Beautiful Butterflies

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

L: 45.5cm x D: 3cm x H: 45.5cm

Butterfly Paper Art ‘Find Your Wings & Fly Away – Coastal Light’ by Amanda Deadman Art

Amanda adds to her fabulous ‘Find Your Wings’  Series with this butterfly paper art entitled ‘Coastal Light’.

The method for creating the piece begins with printing three sizes of her butterfly drawing onto watercolour paper. They are then painted with swirling lines in aqua and yellows. A darker Payne’s grey and aqua watercolours are then splattered at the tops of each piece of paper and white paint at the bottom. This produces wonderful transition from light to dark. She then divided the butterflies into three lots and painted the left-hand wings in dark metallic aqua, metallic yellow, and silver.

It is painstaking work to create this impressive butterfly paper art. Amanda arranges the three sizes of butterfly decoratively in a graduating square, in the centre of a heavy watercolour paper sheet. The darker butterflies with blue metallic are at the top, yellow in the centre, and silver at the base.

The result is a vibrant aqua, yellow and silver modern relief design that reveals individual butterflies on closer inspection. Different shadows are cast, and light is reflected from the metallic paint on the up-turned wings depending on the direction of the light.

N.B. The image shown is an example of the series. Amanda makes each individual piece by hand, therefore every one is unique and will vary slightly from the one shown

Amanda’s sculptural artworks are unique and hand signed by the artist.

The painting is framed in a white glazed (Perspex) deep box frame.

Butterfly Paper Art Artist

Amanda Deadman creates stunning paper sculpture art made from handpainted and cut paper pieces.  Beautiful, bright and colourful artwork and that will certainly elevate your walls!

Amanda’s art journey began with a degree in 3D design and photography from West Surrey College of Art and Design. She works with a variety of media. From college, she produced kiln formed glass for sale exclusively through Aaronson galleries in Piccadilly London, and Edinburgh, Scotland. She has also painted all her life, producing photo-realistic work, in watercolour and acrylic on canvas.  Her sculptural artwork exists in galleries and collections across the globe.

More recently, Amanda has returned to her 3D roots and now specialises in creating beautiful, intricate and detailed cut watercolour and paper artworks. She loves using watercolour, gold leaf and gold ink, and creating interesting colour graduations.

She has also branched out into creating completely white artworks which she continues to explore.

Amanda Deadman sculptures are handmade in her tranquil home studio in North Oxfordshire, UK.  The natural world, such as flowers, insects, birds, and fish inspires her artworks. She is also very much a book and film fan, and her favourite films and books, such as ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ also feature in her work.

Dimensions 45.5 × 3 × 45.5 cm


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