Decorative Wall Plates ‘Reticello’ by Tim McFadden


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Decorative Wall Plates ‘Reticello” by Tim McFadden

These delicious decorative wall plates are a swirl of blue, green, and yellow.

They undulate and contort playfully to imbue a sense of movement and play.

Made using the classic Italian Reticello design that weaves canes of glass together into a web of geometry.

Perfect to add some lively accoutrements to your home or commercial wall.

Decorative Reticello Wall Plates: Large – approx. 46 cm to 51 cm (18-20”)

Small – approx. 30 cm to 26 cm (12-14”)

Decorative Wall Plates – Artist

Tim McFadden Artist hails from Baltimore City, Maryland, USA, where he continues to be a leading light in the art glass scene, both locally in Baltimore and internationally, as his work is prized right around the globe.

He first became enthralled with the beauty of art glass while attending Salisbury University, Maryland in 2001. The University has been a leading light in educating Marylanders since the 1920s on the Eastern Shores of the United States.

His work is influenced by the Italian glass masters from the islands of Venice, such as Murano glass, from the island in the northern lagoon, which came to prominence in the 17th century.
Tim blends antique and ultra-modern techniques in his work to create highly sought-after contemporary pieces of glass wall art, glass sculptures, and full glass installations. He works with residential and commercial clients, as well as interior designers and architects looking to enhance their interior décor.

Tim set up his art glass studio in South East Baltimore in 2006, where he continues to hone the Italian techniques he learned in fine American glass establishments such as Pilchuck Glass School and the legendary Corning Museum of Glass.

As well as perfecting existing techniques, Tim has utilised them to create highly imaginative glass artworks that have been shown in some of the leading museums and galleries, including Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum and Walters Art Museum.

His work is sold internationally and continues to evolve at the cutting edge of artisanal glass.

Weight 4 kg

Large (45-50cm), Small (30-35cm)


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