Fused Glass Wall Panel ‘Coventry Blues’ by Adam Hussain


Cityscape Style

L: 60cm x H: 40cm

Fused Glass Wall Panel ‘Coventry Blues’ by Adam Hussain

This intricate  fused glass wall panel was inspired by a photograph  Adam took looking down on Coventry City Centre. The colour blue is strongly associated with Coventry, therefore Adam  decided to use different tones of blue glass for this artwork.

‘Coventry Blues’ is a bright and uplifting piece of glass art made from ‘Bullseye’ glass sheets and 1mm stringers (rods). Handcrafted with  with the incredible skill and attention to detail  we have come to expect from Adam Hussain.

The panel is installed on metal fixtures 20mm from the wall. This means that the light and shadows  that filter through the piece becomes part of the artwork itself. A truly spectacular piece of glass wall art.

Fused Glass Wall Panel Artist

Adam Hussain designs and makes contemporary glass art from concept to installation for a variety of clients. These include artworks for galleries, corporate and private commissions, public commissions as well as interiors for homes and businesses.  A twenty-four panelled glass wall installation at Coventry University in 2018 was a career highlight. This incredible achievement came after a nine-year art residency.

Adam specialises in kiln-form techniques to create one-off artworks, which have a handmade character. His award-winning artworks ‘A Fine Line’ were featured in ‘Vogue’s Contemporary Collection’ for the home. These are geometric patterns and abstract imagery of cityscapes constructed with 1mm glass stringers. The relationship between glass, light and space is a key element of his practice. Using both transparent and opaque glass he experiments with the transmitted and reflective light created by each artwork.

Much of Adam’s work starts from his black and white photography of modern architecture and cityscapes. These research studies inform his glass artwork. The works of modern painters such as Mondrian and Rothko for their use of bold and vivid colours are an inspiration for Adam. A fusion of all these factors results in the final abstract nature of his art.

Adam’s creative business is located in Coventry, where he has his own studio and the Blue Door Gallery. A key member of the local art community, Adam holds gallery events with other local artists and art organisations as well as teaching students. In 2018 and 2019 he was the Craft Council’s Talent Ambassador for the West Midlands.

Boha welcomes Adam and his magnificent fused glass wall panel art to our gallery.

Dimensions 60 × 40 cm


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