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Cremation Ashes Ring Holder

The cremation ashes ring holder is a place for you to put your loved one’s rings. Or, to put your own rings, knowing that your loved one’s ashes are scattered through this wonderful ring holder.

Perfect keepsake memento for your bedroom or dressing room, where you can be reminded daily of the person you cherish.

Made from expensive, heavy barium crystal, this is a lasting legacy of love.

Each one is individually made with a tablespoon of ashes that are weaved into the molten glass crystal to create a lasting memorial.

Often put in front of a framed photo of the person, or animal, this is something that will help you to grieve and heal.

N.B. Please don’t forget to add your name and address on a piece of paper to the envelope when you are posting your ashes.

Cremation Ashes Ring Holder Process

Putting your loved one’s cremation ashes into glass art provides a permanent keepsake of your family member, pet, or friend.

A beautiful piece of glass beside you forever helps channel grief into a meaningful and artistic expression of remembrance.

Cremation ashes can be crafted into glass paperweights, candle and tealight holders, ornaments, and keepsake hearts.

Using luxurious barium crystal to make these glass memory keepsakes, they provide a permanent, tangible connection to the memory of your loved one that can bring a sense of comfort, healing, and closure.

A tablespoon of ashes is required for each item you order. Once you place your memory keepsake order, we will send you details on what to do next.

You will need to pack the tablespoon of ashes and send them to the artist with a piece of paper stating your name and return address.

If there are any ashes left over, they will be carefully returned to you with your art glass order.

Once the ashes have been transformed into beautiful glass crystal art, the piece will be posted back to you within a day or two.

Each cremation glass memorial is lovingly made one at a time, so your loved one is treated uniquely and with dignity.

Return postage is free for UK residents.

A skilled artisan will carefully take a tablespoon of your loved one’s cremation ashes and add them to molten glass to create a permanent crystal glass work of art.

Your loved one will be carried forever; deep in the heart of the crystal, their departed essence can be cherished by you and your family.

The clarity of barium crystal evokes the pureness of the soul that has departed this life.

Ashes into glass enable a loved one’s ashes to be shared between family members, so everyone can keep their cherished one close to them.

Each family member can choose their own colour and design to remember their loved one. A harmonious blend of love, art, symbolism, and personalisation.

Keep your loved ones’ memories alive with cremation ashes into glass art.

Boha also has a range of cremation urns. Please follow the link.


Black, Red, Blue, White, Purple, Green


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