Black Glass Ornaments ‘Chrysalis’ by Remigijus Kriukas


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Black Glass Ornaments ‘Chrysalis’ by Remigijus Kriukas

Chrysalis Black Glass Ornaments are futurist glass sculptures with dark metropolis good looks. The outer steel-like casing is transformed from something harsh into a thing of beauty by the egg-like contours of the pieces.

Inside the three pristinely polished glass apertures that lie on each corner of the glass are a trio of three perfectly hewn colourful bubbles in ruby, diamond and violet. Each one sits perfectly above the other in perfect symmetry thanks to the amazing skill of the glass blower artist.

At the bottom of the glass-hewn ornaments, the dark interior evokes the dark cloth of the jeweller’s show boards and, as the bubbles rise, the windows shed light into the piece and the bubbles begin to shimmer and shine.

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N.B. The images shown are an example of the series. Each piece is hand-blown and therefore there will be small variations in colour and pattern. Each one is unique and signed by the artist.

Black Glass Ornaments Artist

Remigijus Kriukas glass artist from Lithuania has been a central figure in the East European art glass scene for the last 30 years.  Remigijus has set a very high standard in glass artistry and his work is highly collectable. His glamorous pieces are remarkably popular and we are very proud to have him in our stable of highly talented glass artists.

He is most well known for producing pieces of art glass that are impossible to figure out how they are made, leaving their audiences both mesmerised and mystified in equal measure.

Remi hand blows and signs every piece.

His work includes corporate gifts which are popular right across Europe and a wide array of ornaments and sculptures of intricate beauty, like these mysterious Black Glass Ornaments.

The art glass he makes is modern and highly imaginative and some ornaments make great gifts for men and women.

Weight 3 kg
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