Mini Glass Bowls ‘Spritz’ by Charlotte Sale



A dash of colour

L: 15cm x D: 15cm x

Mini Glass Bowls ‘Spritz’ by Charlotte Sale

The amazing Mini Glass Bowls ‘Spritz’ is a joy to behold, with their energetic splash of colour that will add a certain vibrancy to any room.

A pebble dropped into a pond caught forever in the glass design. A beautiful piece of art glass with a very dynamic and appealing design that will draw admiring glances for many years into the future.

Fun, yet ultra-modern, the Spritz mini glass bowls design and signed by Charlotte Sale has been featured on BBC television.

Every one of these fantastic art glass items is made to order so please expect a month wait for your glass to arrive. Free UK delivery.

For more beautiful art glass bowls please click on the link HERE.

Mini Glass Bowls Artist

Established in 2009, Charlotte Sale Glass is a highly regarded glass making, glass, restoration, and engraving company in the UK. Taking her inspiration from curious objects found within nature, Charlotte spent her years prior to setting up her company studying in London, Edinburgh, and Seattle.

What separates Charlotte from many other glassmakers of her kind is her ability to turn her hand to not just the creation of new and unique glass pieces but also to the restoration of glass and engraving. Her achievements have been acknowledged by Liberty of London who took in her Spritz Collection, and by BBC 2 who documented her glass blowing on the series “Britain’s Next Big Thing”

Charlotte has reached the point where she finds herself today through her sheer dedication to her work as well as her love and devotion for glass. Highly renowned in glassmaking in the UK, her unique collections are found in many households around the country, giving her the name she has today as a highly respected glassmaker.

Dimensions 15 × 15 cm

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