Sea Bowl by Chimene Taylor


Green sea


L: 19cm x D: 19cm x H: 22cm
2 kg

Sea Bowl by Chimene Taylor

Orkney Isles inspired sea bowl made with glass powders and gilding by Chimene Taylor.

You can feel the cool green sea and the furious tides of the Pentland Firth, and the colours of the smooth polished pebbles of the beach.

Dramatic in its own quiet way, this bowl is perfect for those looking to create an outdoorsy vibe in the inside space.

A poetic piece of art glass that brings the beauty of the ocean into your home.

Sea Bowl – Artist

Chimene Taylor glass artist is a distinguished glass and textile artist residing on the island of Shapinsay, in the picturesque Orkney Islands, Scotland. Her art is fueled by the natural beauty and cultural heritage surrounding her. Growing up amidst Orkney’s stunning landscapes and rich Norse history, Chimene developed a deep connection to the environment, profoundly influencing her work.

Taylor has done several apprenticeships and completed numerous courses and masterclasses by internationally renown and acclaimed teachers, over the last 20 years.

Chimene honed her skills in both disciplines, mastering the delicate balance between form and function. Her early work, characterised by intricate glass sculptures and vibrant textile patterns, quickly garnered attention in local galleries and exhibitions.

In her glasswork, Chimene Taylor employs traditional techniques such as blowing, casting, fusing and pate de verre,  often incorporating elements from Orkney’s natural world. Her pieces often feature motifs inspired by the sea, rugged coastlines, and local wildlife. Taylor’s use of colour and light in her glass creations evokes the ethereal quality of the Orkney skies and waters, making her work visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Taylor was the founding Editor of the British Tapestry Group magazine and her dual art skills are blended in her art forms. Several of her sculptures are partly woven, and she plans to expand on this ‘mixed technique’ approach.

Chimene Taylor Glass Artist Statement

I work with glass and textiles and use my art to express a story in a visual context, allowing it to be interpreted from different perspectives by different people. I live in Orkney and my inspiration comes from Orkney’s beautiful landscape, stories and the sea. My art is also influenced by some historical events I care strongly about, and feel that their story needs to be told.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 22 cm


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