Two Tone Bowls ‘Spritz’ by Charlotte Sale



A splash of wonderful

Small – Width-30cm 
Medium – Width-45cm 
Large  – Width-55cm 

Two Tone Bowls ‘Spritz’ by Charlotte Sale

These wonderfully modern ‘Spritz’ two tone bowls are all made to order by the renowned glass artist Charlotte Sale.
Beautiful milk white outer later with a rich inner lining of either black or deep purple.

Each exceptional splashing art glass is personally handblown and signed to order by Charlotte.

So, there is a four week wait between ordering and your FREE UK DELIVERY, as every piece is completely unique.

These two tone bowls come in three sizes and two colours:

Small spritz – 30cm wide – £300
Medium spritz – 45cm wide – £500
Large spritz – 55cm wide – £750

If PINK and BLACK are your favourite colours you can see all our pink and black pieces by clicking on the links.

Two Tone Bowls Artist

Charlotte Sale established her glass company in 2009, her love and passion for glass having been inside her for many years prior to this date. A student at Edinburgh College of Art she went on to study in both Pilchuck School Seattle and London Royal College of Art. Along her journey, her passion for glass grew stronger, allowing her to become the exceptional glass artist she is today.

Today, Charlotte Sale Glass is a multi-skilled company,  as Charlotte works alongside her highly skilled team of glass bowl makers, creating a large variety of glassware, such as these two tone bowls, as well as taking on restoration projects for damaged glass. She can also create bespoke designs for your home, taking her inspiration from your own designs and ideas as well as natural curiosities of life.

Charlottes’ skills however stretch far wider than simply glass making; an excellent engraver, caster, and stained glass window maker, her exceptional glass making and blowing skills have made her what she is today. One of her most famous creations was the Spritz series, her collection being taken in by Liberty London and being shown on the BBC2 series “Britain’s Next Big Thing.”

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