These Pretty in Pink Glass ornaments are shockingly chic and make wonderful gifts, whether you are treating a friend or even yourself.
Lively and loud, our pink glass ornaments will sing from the conservatory window sill or from a shelf in the bookstand. It can make an eye-catching centrepiece and will win admiring glances for many many years to come.
Every piece has been handmade in the boiling furnaces to deliver unique hot pink glass pieces of great rarity. Our stable of artisans sign each piece and these will be the collector’s items of the future.
If you are thinking of starting an art collection you could do no better than starting with some of these decadent pink ornaments. They will steadily rise in value and will always keep their beautiful features (unlike us).
For something more Ruby or Rose pink take a look at our Red Glass section and if you were looking for something more Fuchsia then check out our purple glass ornament section.

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