Two Tone Glass Bowls ‘Ripple Bowl’ By Kingston Glass Studio


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Two Tone Glass Bowls ‘Ripple Bowl’ By Kingston Glass Studio

Mariel Waddell Hunter creates these two tone glass bowls with the help of two assistants.   They help her to shape and sculpt these unique bowls.  As within the series these bowls look like the bottom of each bowl has been dipped into a wave.  The two tones work together to give the impression of depth and movement of the bowl.

These two tone glass bowls are just sublime and will draw attention from afar.

Two Tone Glass Bowls Artist

Situated in picturesque downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Kingston Glass Studio.  Mariel Waddell and Alexi Hunter set up in their studio in 2006.

Born in Trinidad Mariel Waddell Hunter has spent time in Barbados and Costa Rica.  Drawing on these experiences, Mariel uses them as the foundations of her design vision.  Her technique looks towards the use of molten, hot glass bit work, which Mariel then sculpts into her vision.  Where she aims to capture elements of the ocean’s reefs and currents into her vessels. Mariel’s work is award-winning and private and public collections, in museums across North America and the world.

Mischka Jay “Alexi” Hunter was born on the West Coast of Canada. Venturing around the world, he settled in Eastern Ontario.   The natural rural landscape of Kingston and the 1000 islands inspires Alexi, it is a natural draw for him.  He enjoys the optical qualities of the glass when engraving, and at the same time obscuring parts of the surface.

“There is something so mesmerizing about working with glass.  It allows you to flirt on the edge of beauty and danger.  The medium let’s the mind take any shape it desires.  It’s easy to get lost in the incandescent, but the heat in the infernal only grants you so much time.” Mischka Jay “Alexi” Hunter.


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