Unique Ornament ‘Palladium’ by Adam Jablonski


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Retro style Art Glass

L: 13cm x D: 12cm x H: 43cm
4 kg

Unique Ornament ‘Palladium’ by Adam Jablonski

There is something very retro about the ‘Palladium’ Unique Ornament by Jablonski.  The bright colours of a sixties extravaganza and the rounded curves of a vintage car; but its charm is timeless and will strongly appeal to all who see her.

Unique Ornament is made from pure Lead Crystal, this is a perfect example of the glass ornaments made by Adam Jablonski.
Colourful, dazzling Polish crystal and with delicate gorgeous curves.

The work of Jablonski has greatly risen in value since his retirement in 2009. Boha Glass bought up the last works produced by Studio Jablonski and have been slowly cataloguing them and putting them up for sale.

Unique Ornament Artist

Adam Jablonski is famous worldwide for his art of glass making and blowing, his life starting out in Poland in 1936.

Adam Jablonski has won legions of glass fans over right across the world. His glass sculptures are unlike any other artist and a true lover of his work can spot his unmistakable style from a thousand yards.

He was highly thought after glass technician and invented the technique of mixing metal strands into molten glass to produce a type of glass with mesmerizingly beautiful reflective qualities.

Glass collectors are investing in his art glass as it both rises in value and makes their home look beautiful in the meantime. When you consider that art glass can rise by an average of 15% a year it is no surprise that people are investing in art glass instead of keeping it in the bank.

His work has received international acclaim and many art galleries and art museums have exhibited his work. His most favoured accomplishment came when the famous Corning Museum of Glass in America took interest in his glass and began showcasing it.



Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 43 cm


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