Decorative Ornaments by Adam Jablonski


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Tall Glass Ornament with Subtle Hues

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 50cm
5 kg

Decorative Ornaments by Adam Jablonski

These Decorative Ornaments by Jablonski are tall and elegant and immersed in a dazzling medley of colours.

Boha Glass secured the last stock from the Jablonski Studio when Adam Jablonski retired and so they are both beautiful pieces but also a very good art glass investment for the future.

Tall, exquisite good looks and subtle hues within the glass crystal make for wonderful decorative ornaments.

This will add elegance and sophistication to any room and are highly sought after by interior decorators whom we are asked to find specific hues to match their colour schemes.

A gorgeous glass crystal piece that captures the slightest hint of light and bounces it around the room in a cornucopia of colours.

With such a great height they work well in tall windows and majestic mantelpieces and are not lost in the sizeable grandeur that surrounds them.

Whether bought as a gift or an investment they are a small piece of European Glass history and the end of a long era of fabulous Polish glass making.

Boha Glass are very proud to be able to bring you these last fine decorative ornaments from the Jablonski Collection and hope you enjoy them for many years to come.

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Decorative Ornament Artist

Adam Jablonski is an accomplished glass artist and very famous for producing decorative ornaments of great quality and clarity.

Winner of 12 gold medals and having them Presented by the Polish President, Jablonski was the leading Glassmaker in Poland.

The President used to give Jablonski pieces to visiting Kings and Presidents and his glass ornaments are found in the collections of dignitaries and oligarchs across the world.

His glass work has also been on display at the World Famous Corning Museum of Glass in the USA, an achievement that Adam himself is most proud of.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 50 cm


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