Loranto Glass is a collective of more than twelve different glass studios producing beautiful handmade glass art. The glass studios are based across Europe, including the world-famous glass studios of Murano in Venice, Italy.

They collaborate together to make the very best art glass in their own particular specialisms. This lack of overlap means that they can hone their specific skills and not be concerned about competitors as they have the freedom to become the best of the best. Which is exactly what they have become.

There are many lovely words one would use to describe Loranto art – modern, imaginative and colourful immediately springs to mind! They are also abstract, figurative and stylish.
Their gorgeous glass art, such as these urns, as well as other items in the collection such as vases, bowls and other objet d’art are all hand blown.

The pieces shown are examples of ones in the series and therefore, will vary slightly in shape and colour. As each and every piece is blown by hand, it means that every single Loranto glass artwork is unique. No two are exactly the same.

The clarity, colours and tone of every piece will brighten any room, hallway or office space. Perfect as a centrepiece on a dining table, side table, desk or mantelpiece. Art glass from Loranto will certainly lift anyone’s mood every day.

We are delighted to showcase glass art from the Loranto Glass collective and will be adding more to the collection over the coming weeks and months. So please watch this space!

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