Glass Jewellery Boxes by Alessandro Mandruzzato


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Glass Jewellery Boxes by Alessandro Mandruzzato

These beautiful Murano glass jewellery boxes are so elegant in stature.  Alessandro has created a jewellery box that would be every woman’s desire.  The clever design is that of a jewel itself, with rich regal colour.  The sharply angled edges of the base give rise to a heavily contoured lid.

The gold jewellery box with 24 ct gold incorporated into the crystal glass ensures its jewel status.

Within the amethyst jewellery box, the rich colour tones have a regal air.

These glass jewellery boxes are a real gem of a piece!

NB:- The Jewellery boxes differ in size.
Gold Jewellery Box  20cm x 14cm.
Purple Jewellery Box  24cm x 17cm.

Glass Jewellery Boxes Artist

Art Glass artist Alessandro Maudruzzato and the rest of the Mandruzzato family have developed their own particular style over four generations.  Founded by Benjamin Mandruzzato in 1934, the knowledge, skills and expertise have been handed down to the present day.  Alessandro is the fourth generation to head up the Mandruzzato family factory in Murano.

Gianfranco, Alessandro’s father worked on projects with some of the Arts greatest, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Max Ernst.  Such experiences equipped Gianfranco to create geometric designs that were unique at that time.

Destined by his own love of glass and family tradition, Alessandro was determined to learn every skill and technique and attended many workshops.  In 2000, when his training was complete, he set out as an independent sculptor.  Mixing other mediums with Murano glass he looked to create a contemporary flare.

Over four generations the Mandruzzato family have created a particular style unique to them.  The cold craving of Murano crystal is a special technique consisting of 12 steps, involving cutting with manual machinery such as diamond wheels.  This process is reaped over and over till the desired shape is achieved.  Each piece will have been worked on over 26 hours resulting in, no two pieces being the same.

A testament to his work, household names, such as Armani, Fendi, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf & Goodman, Harrod’s, Nissan Motors, and Ajmal Dubai Perfums have all commissioned pieces.


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