Handmade Art Glass ‘Bluebells with Rapefield’ by Vandacrafts



Beautiful Bluebells


Handmade Art Glass ‘Bluebells with Rapefield’ by Vandacrafts

Lose yourself in this gentle landscape of bluebells. Vandacrafts handmade art glass beautifully captures the serenity of nature on a sunny spring day.

This freestanding handmade art glass is created with love and meticulous attention to detail. Layers of different coloured glass are fused over several days with each leaf and petal painstakingly applied.

Enjoy the enduring beauty of bluebells for years to come when you choose this handmade art glass.

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Handmade Art Glass Artist

Vanda and Peter Smyth are self-taught glass artists. Originally, they both came from differing working backgrounds; animal welfare (Vanda) and advertising and digital media (Peter). They decided they wanted a change in pace and lifestyle and to explore their artistic passion instead.

Vanda has painted and embroidered from a young age, creating beautiful textiles of woodlands and hedgerows. They were both drawn to glasswork due to its ability to absorb, transmit and reflect light like no other medium. So, they switched on the kiln in their home-based studio eight years ago and haven’t looked back!

The lovely countryside around their home in Arundel, West Sussex is a constant inspiration for Peter and Vanda. Therefore, their art echoes their love of trees, foliage and flowers. Capturing how the countryside changes and interacts with the light of the sun and the passing of the seasons.

Every single one of their beautiful free-standing glass art is a labour of love.  It takes at least four days and many glass-working methods to make the final piece. It is an intricate and painstaking process, but the results speak for themselves.

Many galleries across the UK stock Vanda & Peter’s glass art. Additionally, their work has featured in many exhibitions across the south of England and internationally.

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