Ornamental Art Glass ‘Golden Seedling’ by Curtiss Brock


Seed of Importance


Ornamental Art Glass ‘Golden Seedling’ by Curtiss Brock

Golden seedling is an ornamental art glass piece that attracts the eye instantly. The bright complementary colours of the inner bowls are prefect contrasts to their paler outer counterparts.  In the centre sits the seedling, mirroring the pattern of the bowl in which it resides.  With reflections of gold shinning out.  The yellow bowl has a smaller, more detailed design. while the outer two bowls have a honey cone effect.  While the glass mother bowl adds a  perfect frame.

Golden Seedling is a well-executed piece of ornamental art glass that draws upon the importance of a seed!

Ornamental Art Glass Artist

Curtiss Brock started glass blowing while in college.  By chance, he was asked by a roommate to help with their Glass class at night.  It was there that the fascination began and lead Curtiss to change his Major.   In 1984, he completed a Bachelor of Arts at Goddard College, Vermont, US.  He then went on to obtain a Master of Fine Arts at the University of IIIinois, IIIinois.

Curtiss’s inspiration is nature, the principles and physical phenomena that relate to nature.  He examines the cellular biology, and make up of his reference point or piece.  He believes that nature is the key to learning about our origins and history.  Even something as simple as a rock on the ground has a story to tell.  Curtiss’s own work is about allowing the viewer to see into places that could exist just below their normal field of vision.  He sees these pieces as markings of his own personal journey. A chance to leave behind things of great mystery and beauty much like those that have inspired him.

Since 1989, Curtiss is the department Head of the Glass Program at the School of Art, Craft and Design at Tennessee Tech University.  Curtiss also sits on the Board of Directors at the New Orleans School of Glassworks, New Orleans, LA.

Curtiss has held many solo exhibitions across the US and in France, Italy and Japan.  Winning many awards, his work is present in a number of museum collections across the world.



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