Pretty Paperweights ‘Ribbon Teardrop’ by Adam Jablonski


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Twirly Ribbon Teardrop Ornaments

Pretty Paperweights ‘Ribbon Teardrop’ by Adam Jablonski

Delightful petite Pretty Paperweights Ribbon Teardrop that catch the light beautifully.

Made from dazzling 100% Polish Crystal they look fresh and are as clear as…well, crystal!

It has a triangular shape and each side is smoothly polished to a shimmering glossy finish.

There are four of these pretty paperweights left and when they are gone there will be no more – ever, so grab your chance and buy one Today!

Makes a wonderful gift, collector’s item or investment.

The great artist has hung up his blow pipe and the Jablonski studio has sadly closed. Once these last few paperweights have been sold, we will be closing our Jablonski paperweights section down and focusing on new up and coming glass artists from around the world.

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Pretty Paperweights Artist

Adam Jablonski is a renowned Polish glass artist born in 1936. A certified glass technologist, he is a master craftsman in the art of hand blown glass, with award-winning glass art designs. With works featured in art studios, museums and shops world-wide, Adam Jablonski is the first former Eastern Block artist to have his works exhibited at the world famous American Corning Museum of Glass. This is the highlight of his career that he is most proud of.

He has been awarded 12 gold medals at both domestic and international exhibitions and his art has been presented as gifts to kings and heads of state from around the worldwide. Retiring in 2010, Adam Jablonski’s works continue to be highly sought after on every continent.

He created the technique of combining and infusing glass with metal to create wonderful glass/metal infusion. This technique has now become well established and is being evolved across the globe by a new generation of glass artists.


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