Spikes Ruby Clear Purple glass ornaments
Spikes Ruby purple clear glass ornaments

Spikes Glass Ornaments


Beautiful Tapering Glass




Product Description

Spikes Glass Ornaments

Charlie Macpherson’s collection of spike glass ornaments are very graceful additions to our art glass stable. They gently meander upwards to a height of almost a metre and have wonderful poise and balance. They taper up to a sharp point that is rimmed with three glass apertures that give gravitas and add intrigue.

Beautiful on their own, and even more magical when displayed together.

The glass frosting adds mystique to the pieces and gives an exceptional warmth when backlit, which really brings the hand-blown glass ornaments to life.

They make a great centrepiece in high-ceilinged rooms or are perfect for adding interest to the fireplace through the summer months. In commercial properties they are a fine addition to shop windows or corporate boardroom sideboards.

Each one is personally made for you, to your own exact specifications, in terms of size and colour, to ensure you get the exact piece(s) you require.

Spikes can take up to 3 months to hand blow, and each order is sent directly from the studio to you the moment it is ready.

The pieces come in Ruby, Purple or Clear and are available in two sizes:

Medium Spike – 70cm – £255
Large Spike – 95cm – £399


Spikes Glass Ornaments Artist

Charlie Macpherson Glass Art is highly prized and highly collectible. His artistry can be found in some of the best UK collections and he has exhibited and sold worldwide.

As well as producing glass art of exceptional quality his takes on commissions from major organisations in the UK, including the RHS and Anglo American.

All his art glass is handmade and hand blown and utilises cane to add a complexity to his work that is diametrically opposed to the smooth form the cane is hosted within.

Charlie Macpherson Glass Art is highly prized for its visual intrigue, set inside simple form and makes a superb art investment for the future.



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