Charlie Macpherson Glass is the work of a leading UK glass artist who has exhibited international and whose art glass adorns some of the finest private and public collections.

His work has won numerous awards and he has been commissioned by many leading organisations, including Shell, British Gas and Anglo American.

Charlie’s hand blown contemporary glass pieces incorporates cane techniques, where he wants to create highly polished areas of interest within the form.

In this way, he is able to combine simplicity of form with more complex patterns and lines.

The combination of these diametrically opposed styles invites the viewer to look more closely and visually explore the pieces in greater detail.

Charlie Macpherson Glass pieces a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings, drawing in light and using colour, detail and transparency to move light around, producing reflections and shadows in the process.

His pieces are both stimulating and aesthetic and have won him many admirers right around the globe.

Glass works include glass bowls and vases as well as significant glass sculptures that make both a beautiful addition to any building and a long term art investment.

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