Art Glass Paperweights in Burgundy by Remigijus Kriukas


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Burgundy Art Glass

L: 9cm x D: 9cm x H: 16cm
1.5 kg

Art Glass Paperweights in Burgundy by Remigijus Kriukas

Hand-blown Burgundy Art Glass paperweights with an ovate shape.

Spectacular colouration buried deep in a crystal capsule of clear glass.

Inset with deep red hues and coiled colours that draw the eye to the epicentre.

Great reflective curves that dance with light – whether sunlight or firelight.

This Art Glass will introduce extra radiance into the room by capturing available light and sending it off around the space in a giddy array of beams.

The clarity of the glass is due to the master craftsman’s secret recipe. Adding the correct elements in the right order and quantity to produce the best glass.

Many glass artists have their own patented formula and the best concoctions produce the most dazzling crystal glass. These formulas remain closely guarded secrets and many Glass Artists pass the secret ingredients and amounts down to their family for generations.

Every unique glass paperweight is handmade and personally signed by the artist.

These items are extremely collectible and will make a wonderful addition to your mantel or display cabinet. Because the items are hand-signed this adds to their value and is a much wiser investment than leaving money in the bank or stuffed in the mattress.

They will enhance your room, and draw admiring glances from all your visitors for years to come.

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Art Glass Paperweights’ Artist

These gorgeous art glass paperweights are hand-blown by the Lithuanian glass master Remigijus Kriukas.

Remigijus is a glass magician and manages to conjure up art glass from molten globules that are so far removed from his utterly stunning finished products it beggars belief.

The unique items that he produces and signs are all of the very highest quality. He has satisfied customers on every continent and is at the top of his game after almost 30 years of perfecting his glass craft.

Boha Glass has a vast range of Remi’s Art Glass Paperweights in stock and can arrange for any piece in any colour to be made personally for you on a commission basis at no extra cost.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 16 cm


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