Blown Glass Perfume Bottle Cobalt Blue ‘Peacock’ by David New-Small


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Evocative Peacock Feather Glass Perfume Bottles

L: 6cm x D: 6cm x H: 15cm
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Blown Glass Perfume Bottle Cobalt Blue ‘Peacock’ by David New-Small

Every single Cobalt Blue Green ‘Peacock’ Blown Glass Perfume Bottle is totally unique and hand-blown by one of the most well-known Canadian artists.

Rich and decadent, the scent bottles are made using the beautifully sparkling Swedish “Glassma” dichroic glass. This delivers rich inner beauty to the perfume bottle and a majestic iridescence.

Evoking the swishing tail of a peacock, where the iridescent beauty was due to the feather’s structural coloration (something first noted by Isaac Newton), the blown perfume glass has an inner dynamism that impels the eye to cast an admiring glance in its direction.

Boha Glass has taken its own photos of the piece to show how different they look in natural light compared to under unnatural light. Outdoors, the art glass is highly reflective and dazzling, whereas inside the dazzle is replaced by the wonderful lustre of the dichroic “Glassma” that dots the inner Cobalt core in brilliant battalion lines. The blown glass art perfume bottle delivers the best of both worlds and will deliver superb lustre and reflective qualities wherever in the home it is placed.

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Blown Glass Perfume Bottle Artist

These stunning scent bottles are handmade by David New-Small for the New-Small and Sterling Glass Studio, based in Canada. The studio was founded in 1983 by David New-Small and Nora Sterling in Vancouver, BC.

David New-Small combines a wealth of experience in traditional methods with a thirst for innovation and modern techniques, which he synthesises into his acclaimed range of glass artwork.

As well as still producing some of the finest art glass Canada and the world have ever seen, the New-Small and Sterling Studio now represents over 50 other Canadian artists, helping nurture new talent and bring more art glass into the world, like this blown art glass perfume bottle.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm


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