Green Perfume Bottle ‘Peacock’ by David New-Small


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Elegant Peacock Tail Perfume Bottles

L: 6cm x D: 6cm x H: 15cm
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Green Perfume Bottle ‘Peacock’ by David New-Small

This Canadian ‘Peacock’ Jade Green Perfume Bottle is imbued with an exceptional iridescence that evokes the shimmer of the Peacock’s tail as it sashays across the well-tended lawns of the Country House.

The brilliant lustre is due to the dichroic glass circles at the centre of the glass that dot the inside like strawberry seeds. Each unique piece is hand-blown by David New-Small and the handmade stopper is hand-ground to fit perfectly to each individual bottle.

Displaying the green perfume bottle in different settings really does make a huge difference to the appearance of the pieces. Inside you get a deep rich lustre with warm, yet subtle reflective qualities from the shimmering ‘Glassma’, whereas in full sunshine the glass delivers sparkling brilliance and clarity with the dichroic glass elements being less effusive.

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Green Perfume Bottle Artist

These stunning glass perfume bottles have been brought over from the highly acclaimed New-Small & Sterling Glass Studio in Vancouver, BC in Canada. The studio was founded in 1983 by David New-Small and Nora Sterling

Each petite dichroic green perfume bottle masterpiece has been hand-blown and signed by David New-Small Glass Artist. For over 30 years the New-Small and Sterling Studio has been home to some of the best glass artistry to come out of Canada. So successful has this partnership been that now the Studio represents over 50 Canadian artists.

The Amazing clarity of his work stems from the use of sparkling Swedish “Glassma” glass and his winning combination of well-honed traditional techniques combined with many novel modern approaches to making art glass.

Boha Glass hope to bring you more glass art from this studio in the near future.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm


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