Every conceivable colour of green glass ornaments can be found here in this category. It might be a green glass ornament with a hint of green or it may be a solid green beauty.
Every art glass ornament from every section of the shop is labelled here. From Apple green to Emerald Green, Sea Green to Mint Green and every other shade you can imagine.
Our highly skilled artists are able to produce art glass in every shade of green you can imagine, and more besides. Every piece of glass and crystal is personally artist-signed and is hand blown to unique perfection.
Our artists come from right across the planet and we hope to continue to increase our stock over the years to bring you even more art glass treasures.
If you are looking for greens on the out edges of the spectrum make sure you also check the other categories. For example, if you are looking for Teal Green you may want to check the blue glass ornaments section as well.

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  • Amber (16)

  • Aqua (28)

  • Black (41)

  • Blue (204)

  • Brown (30)

  • Clear (71)

  • Cream (1)

  • Gold (16)

  • Green (315)

  • Grey (15)

  • Multicolour (73)

  • Orange (89)

  • Pink (47)

  • Purple (73)

  • Red (88)

  • Silver (3)

  • Teal (12)

  • Turquoise (17)

  • White (44)

  • Yellow (96)

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