Glass Centerpiece Bowl ‘Harness the Flow’ by Nour El Huda Awad


Concentric Flow


L: 28.5cm x D: 23.5cm x H: 3cm
2 kg

Glass Centerpiece Bowl ‘Harness the Flow’ by Nour El Huda Awad

Harness the Flow is every bit a glass centerpiece bowl.  Strips of clear, green and white are placed with precision,  which are drawn towards a pool of deep red.  Like concentric circles drawn by a dominant force.  A sandblasted underside gives way to a muted, but glorious reflection.

Harness the flow is a wondrous glass centerpiece bowl that will draw admiring smiles wherever it resides.

Glass Centerpiece Bowl Artist

Nour El Huda Awad has shared her love of glass art for over 30 years.  Whilst Studying  Fine Art Painting in Cheltenham, Huda spent alot of time in the library looking through books of Stained Glass.  Her dream to create Rose Windows and Tiffany Lamps, as a result, having completed her degree, Huda pursued her interest in Architectural Stained Glass.  In 2004, she gained a Masters Degree in Glass, from the University of Wales in Swansea.

Nour El Huda translates as, Light of Guidance, in Arabic, pertaining to light and colour.  A name that is so true of Hudas work.

Inspired by nature, colour and the traditional patterns of Islamic art, Huda delights with her skill and precision.  Formulating sacred geometry, Kufic (Ancient Arabic) lettering, intricate Islamic patterns and her own signature visualisation into a glass masterpiece.   Moreover, Huda’s exceptional mastery in Stained Glass equipped her to fulfill a number of public commissions within Wales.

The most astonishing fact to learn about Huda is she does everything by hand, which requires a great deal of patience and dedication.

Huda’s vast range of skills are not confined to Stained Glass.  An admirer of Harry Clark and Peter Layton.  She delights in the ability to produce contemporary, abstract work, that draws upon her experience and her desire to explore all that is possible in glass.  Huda’s love of colour enriches her work, enthusing an attractiveness to all.

Huda’s work can be found in private collections in France, USA, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 23.5 × 3 cm


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