Glass Abstract ‘Just a Sliver Please – Freedom to Flow’ by Amanda Charles


Colour Contrast


L: 40cm x H: 50cm

Glass Abstract ‘Just a Sliver Please – Freedom to Flow’ by Amanda Charles

A vibrant and quirky glass abstract, formed by fusing a multitude of identical sized red, grey and white colour strips of glass together.    Two different construction processes were used to demonstrate the contrast between the fusion of glass under temperature with and without restriction.  The colours combine to create a mesmerising and fun piece of glass art.

A great piece of glass wall art, it also comes with an acrylic stand to enable you to place it wherever you like.

If vibrant colours are your thing please see our colourful art glass section

Just a Sliver Please – Freedom to Flow is made up of two pieces:  Plaque: 40 x 50cm and Ball: 23 x 23cm.

Glass Abstract Artist

Amanda Charles began her stellar glass journey by training in ceramics and glass at the University of Hertfordshire. She became fascinated by the versatility of glass and the amazing number of ways to create beautiful art.

Amanda Charles’s favourite modus operandi is working with kiln-formed glass. Precise heat control enables her to stack opalescent, transparent and dichroic glass. This creates vibrancy, geometry and very tactile 3D texture. It almost invites the viewer to reach out and touch the art.

Inspired both by contemporary art movements and the great art movements such as Bauhaus, Amanda Charles Glass abstract art creations focus on geometric and powerful colour contrasts. The elaborate detail of her pieces creates both linear and non-linear compositions – a harmonic dissonance if you will.

Layers of glass complement or contrast with each other to create a wonderful divergence between light absorption and reflection in intricate detail and pattern. A style that pays homage to the simplicity of Bauhaus Modernism and the complexity of  of Abstract Expressionism.

Her artistic style and technique are constantly evolving as she continues to experiment with the marvellous medium of glass.

Amanda Charles Glasswork has featured in the Online European Glass Show 2016 run by the Contemporary Glass Society. And her talents have been honoured by being shortlisted for the 2017 British Glass Biennale.

Dimensions 40 × 50 cm


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