Handmade Glass Platter ‘Iridescent Platter’ By Pat Marvell


Moody Platter

L: 49cm x H: 40cm

Handmade Glass Platter ‘Iridescent Platter’ By Pat Marvell

Pat has created this beautiful handmade glass platter.  Pat’s naturistic vision is bought to life using her favoured technique.  Iridised bullseye glass is fused together, while the slumping of the glass results in a dish with a rugged texture.  This rugged texture is reminiscent of the Cornish Coastline.  The purple and reds glisten as the night sky over the coast.  An alluring homemade glass platter that will take pride of place in any space.

Handmade Glass Platter Artist

Pat Marvell’s professional career has been within the teaching profession, primary within the arts.  It was not till towards the end of her career within education and public sector consultancy that she began learning about glass fusing.  Resulting in a desire to work with glass in different ways, Pat then enrolled for a diploma in glass casting at Westminster Adult Education Service.  It was here that her true love of glass emerged.   Fascinated by the endless possibilities that the material has to offer.  Pat was also intrigued by the way the colour, shape and form alter the diffusion of light through a piece.  This was the catalyst for Pat to set up her own studio at home in North London.

Inspired by nature, Pat likes to use textures taken from natural material and her creations are often a reflection of coastlines.  Using metal foil, glass powders and combining layers of colour Pat seeks to create images that reflect that of landscapes.

Pats enjoys the opportunity that glass provides to push the boundaries, investigating the ‘what if’s?’.  She finds the results fascinating with disasters being just as important to learning as is success.

Constantly wishing to improve and acquire new techniques Pat regularly attends master classes.  Her work has been exhibited across the UK, and has been favoured by major collectors.

Dimensions 49 × 40 cm


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