Abstract Fused Sculpture ‘Balance Unbalance I’ by Janine Altman


Balance Me

L: 17cm x D: 17cm x H: 25cm
1 kg

Abstract Fused Sculpture ‘Balance Unbalance I’ by Janine Altman

This abstract fused sculpture by Janine Altman represents the concept of balance.  We recognise balance in situations of harmony between different things or between parts of a whole. What better than to aspire to find this equilibrium and harmony in our lives. Attitudes such as sanity, good sense and composure, for example, are also taken as signs of balance, and balance is related to stability. 

However, to achieve balance in life, it also helps to add a dash of madness and adventure!  The presence of geometric figures and bodies in this abstract fused sculpture enhances the idea and concept of balance, based on the geometry of space. 

A delightful and quirky piece made from fused Borosilicate glass, mirror and steel.

N.B. Please allow at least 7 -10 working days for delivery

Abstract Fused Sculpture Artist

Janine Altman hails from Uruguay. She creates stunning glass artworks using a range of techniques. These include Fused Glass, Flameworking and Pate de Verre. Altman also has her own unique way of working glass, which she calls “Openwork Glass”. This signature style is a sophisticated form that consists of joining hundreds of small bits of glass linked by metal lines. This allows Janine to make a new structure altogether.

More recently, Janine has been experimenting and investigating ways to recycle glass and be more sustainable and planet-friendly in her practice. She starts by using either broken objects or those in disuse and in her glass artworks. Many of her pieces have a geometric and abstract form, with a range of textures and tones. This results in entirely unique and irreproducible pieces. Her style is often as eclectic as it is avant-garde!

Janine has participated in a great variety of International Exhibitions and Fairs and her works are recognised by Contemporary Glass Society, UK and the National Liberty Museum of Philadelphia. Educational and social institutions, as well as private collections, hold Janine’s artworks. 

Finally, Janine also teaches glass artistry and is Director of the Gallery ACCS Visual Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay. A very talented and industrious lady indeed!

Artist’s Statement

“Contemplate nature as a source of inspiration. The universe arouses our curiosity and amazes us with its details, rhythms, colours, textures, shapes and volumes. The harmony and geometry of nature motivate me and my work. The study of Nature shows us that there is a natural order governed by laws, these laws and forces of nature, are also a source of inspiration for me.”

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 25 cm


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