Contemporary Sculpture ‘Fallen’ by Charlie Macpherson


Alluring Beauty

L: 52cm x D: 22cm x H: 15cm
5 kg

Contemporary Sculpture ‘Fallen’ by Charlie Macpherson

The alluring beauty of the ‘Fallen’ contemporary sculpture by Charlie Macpherson is self-evident at first glance. The simple organic shape of the leaf has been transformed into something so intricate and visually intoxicating.

Richly coloured lines are enveloped in intricate, irregular patterns that further entice the eye in towards the sculpture.

This contemporary sculpture is part of the widely acclaimed Silver Leaf series and you will be the proud owner of one of these hugely admired glass sculptures.

A splendid addition to any contemporary modern home or business, this will add gravitas and poise to your premises. A classy, chic glass art piece that would be a privilege to own.

 All of Charlie’s work is totally unique and personally signed by the artist. Once complete, the glass artwork will be sent directly from his glass studio.

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Contemporary Sculpture Artist

This glorious piece of glass sculpture is produced by the highly respected glass artist Charlie Macpherson. Charlie is a hugely successful and highly sought-after glass artist who has been commissioned by Livewire, Shell, RHS, ENCAMS, British Gas, Anglo-American, Standard Life and the Walker Gallery to name but a few.

His work combines the simplicity of natural form with highly complicated lines and patterns. Each creation is perfectly balanced. Pieces which combine paradoxical styles and yet blend together in perfect harmony; something only a rare talent could achieve.

Wherever Charlie takes his work to exhibit anywhere in the world it is met with much acclaim and now his work can be found in public and private collections both in the UK and abroad. You could be the proud owner of a unique version of this contemporary sculpture in just 12 weeks.

Due to high demand and his popularity as an artist, Charlie is continually working and exhibiting around the World.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 52 × 22 × 15 cm


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