Amber Sculpture ‘Cobra’ by Jan Fischer


Ribbed Glass

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L: 38.5cm x D: 14cm x H: 37.5cm
14 kg

Amber Sculpture ‘Cobra’ by Jan Fischer

This amber sculpture looks like a wooden carving because the wooden carving that Jan created has been used as a cast for this glass piece.

Although originally cut in wood, the way the frit glass has been carefully built up in this piece has created a wonderful set of intriguing light interplays from every conceivable angle.

Amber Sculpture by Jan Fischer

Jan Fischer Glass artist also works with wood and is a true master of both mediums. Jan often uses the carved wooden pieces to make a mould for his cast glass sculptures.

He makes contemporary glass and woodwork pieces in his studio in the glassmaking region of the Czech Republic in Šluknov in Northern Bohemia.

He works alongside many other great Czech glass artists. The rich history of Czech glass dates back to 1250 and many glassmakers from around the world come to the Czech Republic to learn and exchange ideas with its legion of fine glassmakers.

Jan Fischer was born in the Czech Republic in 1978, Fischer’s work is inspired by nature and the shapes found in the natural world.

His glass and wood works are based on nature’s bounty, resembling leaves, and wooden shields that show off the beauty of the wood’s grain. 

Other shapes he brings to his work are parts of animal bodies, which he manages to replicate with fine carving dexterity.

In his younger days, Jan has fought battles with drugs and won. Instead of wasting his life he first used his new-found sobriety to train as a carpenter.

His first piece was a wooden sculpture that he made from walnut wood from Kazakstan which had a beautifully gnarled grain and regular notches.

From there, he began his glass art apprenticeship under the world-famous glass master Vlastimil Beránek. Beránek is a living legend and Jan was extremely fortunate in being educated by the world-leading glass master.

He used his educational glassmaking experience with Beranek to create a copy of the wooden piece in fine glass.

From there, Jan Fischer glass and wood artistry continued experimenting with both glass and wood and his reputation continues to grow.

Group Exhibitions

2016 Superyacht DESIGN Week London, UK

2017 Timeless Gallery Marbella, Spain

2017 Gallery New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 14 × 37.5 cm


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