Blue Glass Sculpture ‘Eye’ by Ela Smrček


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L: 60cm x D: 23cm x H: 13cm
8.3 kg

Blue Glass Sculpture ‘Eye’ by Ela Smrček

Pristinely beautiful blue glass sculpture from Czech Republic glass master Ela Smrček.

Cast, cut and polished to perfection, this is a piece that is perfect to modernise the interior decor.

Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for the mezzanine lobby of your corporate headquarters, a grand entranceway, or the living quarters of your large yacht, this could be the perfect addition.

The clean lines and luxurious styling will work well with glass furniture and chandeliers. This glass masterpiece is a really sleek piece of fine art glass.

Blue Glass Sculpture – Artist

Ela Smrček Glass Artist specialises in designing fine art glass by using molten glass moulds.

Cast glass artists either use wax to create their initial forms or create a mould using plaster and silica. The two techniques provide unlimited scope to the artist. The only limiting factor is the size of the kiln for producing the finished product.

Smrček was born in Česká Lípa, in the Czech Republic, in 1985 and raised in the epicentre of the world-famous Czech glass industry with a history that dates back hundreds, if not a thousand, or more years in North Bohemia.

Smrček has always been fascinated by the ability of glass to be full of “hidden insinuations,” even when the shape is aesthetically simple.

Ela has always been fascinated and inspired by nature, and she draws on the inner peace and energy she gets from being in the elements. Whether it is ambling by the sea, bathing in the green air of the forest, or looking up at an approaching storm, she translates those natural elements into her sculptures.

Recent works have focused on the modern world and the hectic speed of contemporary society. Interpersonal relationships, religion, attitudes, and her perceptions of humanity are transcribed into her glasswork. Her reflections on modern society shape her colour palette, choices of material, and the final shape and texture of the pieces.

Ela Smrček Glass Artist Statement

Smrček believes we should take care of our family and of ourselves. We should be tolerant of those who hold different values and beliefs from us and avoid violence. Some of Smrček’s sculptures reflect her own belief systems and some simply reflect her love of beautiful art.

Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 23 × 13 cm


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