Cast Glass ‘Surface Barrier – A dialogue at the threshold’ by Deborah Timperley


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Treasure Box

L: 10cm x D: 10cm x H: 13.5cm
3.6 kg

Cast Glass ‘Surface Barrier – A dialogue at the threshold’ by Deborah Timperley

This cast glass piece is a rectangular gift box ‘wrapped’ in ribbed fabric. This gives the piece real texture and substance.

The delegate folds of the ribbed glass help soften the sharp edges of the rectangle and provide real depth.

The top of the piece is decorated with dark strands of glass in a grid shape to beautify the top of the wrapped gift box.

Entitled ‘A dialogue at the threshold’ where the form encloses a hidden inner space that we give meaning to even though we know deep in our hearts that it is really empty. Our imagination does the work here. We are led into thinking this by the gold and silver allure at the top of the box, overlaid by the black stringers.

Cast Glass Artist

Deborah Timperley is an accomplished UK glass artist who has produced stunning glass artwork for over 20 years. Interestingly, Deborah’s first career was in the hospitality industry. However, an introduction from her mother to the beauty of stained glass led Deborah along a new path.

“My mother was passionate about art, and as part of her teacher training, she did a study on stained glass. I was taken to many churches and cathedrals to look at the windows as part of her research. I was only in junior school at the time, but the magnificence of the stained windows in Coventry Cathedral stayed with me. So, 20 or so years later I took the stained glass in evening classes in London and loved it!

I eventually stopped working with stained glass and instead studied for a degree in 3D Design at Middlesex University.  I knew immediately that I had found my ‘groove’ as I could work across disciplines and with both glass and ceramics”.

Over two decades since gaining her degree, Deborah continues to enjoy making just as much. One look at her work is all you need to ‘feel’ the joy and creativity that has been poured into each and every piece.

For many years, Deborah worked from home but now has a workshop on the Borde Hill House and Garden Estate, West Sussex. The rural setting, down a little lane and in an old converted stable suit, Deborah, perfectly!

Deborah is a member of a number of professional bodies, and she has exhibited her work at numerous events, galleries and museums.  In 2021 Deborah was awarded the Excellence Award Medal & 6 Selected Work Medals in China’s Craft and Design Competition and Exhibition.

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 13.5 cm


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