Glass Pyramid Sculpture ‘Métronome’ by Antoine Rault


Polished facets


L: 17cm x D: 10cm x H: 25cm
3 kg

Glass Pyramid Sculpture ‘Métronome’ by Antoine Rault

This glass pyramid sculpture is part of the ‘Métronome’ series by French sculptor Antoine Rault.

Shimmering in the light thanks to the sharp geometry and the finely polished surface.

The crystal clear glass blends into a smoky cauldron of darkness at the Métronome’s base that creates complexity and entanglement.

The way the sculpture plays with light gives the viewer an appreciation of the interplay in every polished facet.

Available as individual pieces or as a collection, they are perfect statement pieces.

Glass Pyramid Sculpture – Artist

Glass artist Antoine Rault from France began his epic journey into glass well over two decades ago. Antoine started his career by learning as much about glass-blowing techniques as he could, using glass cane and a blowtorch. 

By mastering the fundamentals of blown glass Antione also became adept at the different ways that glass could be transformed and its essential matter shaped into a myriad of forms. 

He was left with a strong technical foundation and prowess but also a deep-felt love for the motions and changes of glass mass and matter in every state.

When the artist thinks of glass and its animating force, he often recalls how he was drawn to its unique physical and chemical characteristics, and also its tenacious and unpredictable character, and the joy of mixing and composing, building relationships, and interacting with its material qualities over time.

For many years, Antoine Rault has worked with a variety of complementary techniques, such as glass paste, cutting, and polishing, to expand his repertoire of shapes, colours, and textures. 

These divergent techniques and deep knowledge of the essence of glass have inspired Antoine to balance and counterbalance, to use organic form and mathematical geometry to enchant the viewer and draw in their mind’s eye to a panoply of artistic questions that are hinted at within the glass core. Sometimes playful, sometimes forceful, but always poetic and triggering more questions than answers. 

Influenced by poets like Yan Zoritchak, Antione writes his sonnets through the heat of the blowtorch, kiln and furnace and uses one glass mass in place of a thousand words.

Antoine Rault Glass Artist Statement

“For 20 years I have been exploring the trails of glass. I draw from this alchemical material with infinite possibilities, the energy of my creations. From taut lines to undulating curves, my creations are imbued with a modern and sober aesthetic. Colours and transparency, opacity and shine, I like to play with the optical contrasts that glass offers.”

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 25 cm


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