Interior Design Sculpture ‘Reverie’ Crystal Sculpture by Adam Jablonski Studio Glass


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Draped glass sculpture with a frisson of pastel colouring

L: 32cm x D: 7cm x H: 37cm
5 kg

Interior Design Sculpture ‘Reverie’ Crystal Sculpture by Adam Jablonski Studio Glass

Reverie Crystal Interior Design Sculpture is a light and hazy summery glass crystal ornament. The elusive hints of colour dance lightly across the lustre of the Pure Lead Crystal.

The sunlight will set the piece ablaze and the shady room will bring the piece alive as it draws in every shard of light. The drape of the crystal is all tinged with beautiful floral hues full of vitality.

This unique Interior Design Sculpture is hand blown and personally signed by the artisan.

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Interior Design Sculpture Artist

Give anyone a brush and a blank piece of canvas and they will be able to create something that passes as art. Ask those same folks to not be influenced by anything they have seen before and they will have a much harder time. Adam Jablonski approached his art, which was in glass, and tried to create pieces that were truly unique. In order to make that happen he built his own furnace and developed techniques that had never been seen before. All of a sudden, rich, vibrant colours were alive in the world of glass art, which is something that many have now tried to replicate. The fact that Jablonski pieces remain in such high demand is proof that he stands above those would dare to copy.

Adam Jablonski has now retired and closed his studio. The furnace is cold and the doors are padlocked. The stock room is completely empty as Boha Glass managed to secure the very last stock to come out of the skilled hands of Adam Jablonski. This interior design sculpture is one of those last few pieces and the rest can be seen under Adam Jablonski’s name in the artists list.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 7 × 37 cm


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